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Ethereum (ETH/USD) – Daily T.A with Rocky Outcrop – May 20th Technical Analysis – A Study of Levels

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Can the price challenge the overhead resistance levels and resume the upward trend on the daily time frame or have we set in the higher high now and looking for a higher low? All of which is part of the upward trend, will prices sustain it or consolidate thereafter? There are a few things to consider and we take a look at some of those in today’s video.

The following indicators are used in today’s video:
Exponential Moving Averages:
Yellow Solid Line = 21
Green Solid Line = 55
Cyan Solid Line = 144
Purple Solid Line = 233

Simple Moving Averages:
Red Dotted Line = 55,
White Dotted Line = 233

RSI + Ema,

I also use Fibonacci Retracement tool and use the horizontal line tool frequently. I will point out patterns from time to time, primarily head & shoulders (H&S), triangles (usually equilateral or ascending/descending) and parallel channels.

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Background Video Christian Felber – MIGN

Ethereum (ticker: ETH) is traded across multiple exchanges and has various pairings – I primarily look at the ETH/USD and occasionally ETH/BTC pairings.

Until recently I kept writing Etherium, forgive me if I get it wrong from time to time! Old habits… Thanks for the background – here’s the attribution link – it was a creative commons video – check it out here – Cheers to Marius Dorus