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Chris MMCrypto: Bitcoin Safe Haven, Financial crisis, BTC halving & DeFi 2020!!!!

Dear Crypto Community and Blockchain buddies across the globe,

Welcome back to a special edition of Cryptonites On The Road during the World Economic Forum / wef 2020 in Davos. In the coming weeks, we will be showcasing interviews with some of the sharpest minds in Fintech and Blockchain. So buckle up, and get ready to be Edutained!

In this episode, we are pleased to present you with a legendary guest, the one and only: Chris aka MMCrypto, a German entrepreneur and Youtuber, famously known for analysing the latest trends around Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain related topics.

Check out his channel:

Chris unfolds the reasons why he believes Bitcoin is a safe haven and how cryptocurrencies are so important in today’s society. He compares the current state of central banking vs decentralised finance, including the censorship-resistant side to it, the evolution of DeFi and how Bitcoin could be a long term asset solution in preparation for a financial crisis.

To learn more about technical analysis, Bitcoin 2020 price prediction and trading tips, follow Chris on:

Twitter: @MMcrypto
YouTube: MMCrypto
Instagram: @chrismmcrypto

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Twitter: @alex_fazel

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00:29 Check the SwissBorg Community App
01:20 How Chris got into investment banking
01:47 What happened to banks once the gold standard was removed
02:13 Why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are so important
02:40 “Bitcoin is also censorship-resistant”
03:25 The evolution of Defi
04:16 Are you worried about the financial crisis?
04:42 “We see Bitcoin as a long term safe haven asset…”
05:40 The rise of Bitcoin with the recent crisis in Iran
07:18 The correlation between stocks and Bitcoin
07:33 Why Bitcoin should be a safe haven asset
09:08 Comparing the size of the Bitcoin market with gold
10:30 Chris’s favourite data sets and technical indicators
12:03 We have a lot of greed in the market…
13:04 Why taking data from the Bitcoin Blockchain is so rare
14:23 The self-fulfilling prophecy
15:52 “Cash is trash, Bitcoin is money”
16:57 Big Shout out to the MMCrypto Team!