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Brave Browser Scandal Explained – Bitcoin Today [June 9th 2020]

Brave browser affiliate scandal explained. Russian bitcoin Miners steal $6.6 million in electricity. Bitcoin Struggles with $10,000. Stay up-to-date on everything going around in the world everyday.

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Here are the up to date prices for the top cryptocurrencies
The current prices of Bitcoin $9,697.70 down 0.54%
The current prices of Ethereum $242.89 down 0.32%
The current prices of EOS $2.74 down 1.81%
The current prices of Litecoin $46.01 down 1.22%
These are the current prices of cryptocurrency as of June 9, 2020

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Article 3 – Illegal Miners in Russia Stole $6.6M Worth of Electricity, Power Grid Firm Says

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